erguss asked:
What's you favourite boy feature? What's your favourite girl feature?

I like boy smirks and smiles and I like girl eyes and eyelashes

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i don’t like my belly but also i don’t care

i don’t like my belly but also i don’t care

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Anonymous asked:
who's ur cutest mutual?

they’re also super cute omg

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me flirting: :-)
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Anonymous asked:
Do you watch porn while you masturbate or nah? I do cuz I can't get off without watching it but its not as entertaining anymore.

sometimes I do sometimes I don’t. porn is kinda gross tbh

39 minutes ago

Girl + Air Force 1 ‘All White’


Girl + Air Force 1 ‘All White’

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00milkgirl00 replied to your post: anonymous said:I’m very sorry peo…

I hate you

same tho

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Anonymous asked:
I like you sometimes and other times I don't. I never hate you but I never love you. I like your blog/posts but other times they're annoying. Sometimes I really want to unfollow you but then when I try, I just can't. I don't know how to feel about you and your blog...

did I send this to myself

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